[winter 2016]

“The Escape Experience is a fun new entertainment activity located in Downtown Chattanooga’s Southside Historic District – just a few blocks from the Chattanooga Choo Choo and in Nashville’s art district on Union Street. Each escape room scenario is a real-life interactive adventure. Locked in a room with only one hour to escape, you must work together quickly, harnessing your collective brainpower, to find clues, decode hidden messages and solve problems to unlock the door to freedom.”

Creating this promo was a great excuse to make a super fun video. The rooms, the props, the feeling you get in these rooms make it you feel as if you are truly in the game. I had so much fun exploring every part of this place- capturing the essence in each shot that I took. I wanted viewers to feel like they were actually there solving the puzzles. Instead of a 3rd person feel, I wanted to give the audience a 1st person feel by getting right in there. Everywhere you look, there’s something new and possibly something to help you escape. It’s a place you’ll have to see to believe. Go and check them out on Rossville Blvd in Chattanooga and on Union Street in Nashville!

Visit their websites below to book a room.

Escape Experience Chattanooga

Escape Experience Nashville