[spring 2015]

The story of the man far exceeds the numbers and statistics him and his team hold. Far beyond the records and the titles, Coach Dean Hayes began to change the sport of track and field from the moment he came upon the scene. With experience as USA Olympic Coach and president of TFCA (Track and Field Coaches Association), Coach Hayes is renown across the globe for what he does. Despite the fact that his athletes have gone on to compete professionally, Coach Hayes’ focus is always students first, athletes second. In the 1960’s, Coach Hayes witnessed two great steps towards in integration- African American and Women’s athletics. Having led the initiative towards these historic moments, Coach Hayes always sees the potential in a student and never recognizes what societies views of them were. Coach Hayes wanted the best team full of the best students. His success only shows his willingness to invest in students’ lives. He continues that legacy today.
2015 marks the 50th year of Coach Hayes at Middle Tennessee State University.