“Through Thick and Thin” Teaser is here.

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This year’s Murfreesboro 54 Film Festival went extremely well! The Back Road Films team chose the genre “historical fiction/ period piece”. Along with that, our prop was a ‘bottle’, our action was ‘biting’ and our line of dialogue was “You promised.” Quite an order to fill for only 54 hours of production time!

This year didn’t fail to be anything but a ton of fun! Our team works so well together that I couldn’t imagine doing these timed competitions with anyone else. We had a long night of writing Friday night and ended up completely re-writing our story at 6 AM on Saturday morning! We started shooting around noon on Saturday- a much later start time than initially expected. However, we were able to wrap shooting at 5 PM. Whattttt?

Easy? No. But those quick 5 hours were filled with a lot of professionalism and talent. We all went into it as a unit and pulled off what we needed to do. Then, it was passed off to editing! I spent just around 2.5 hours before I retired for a 12 hour nap! Ha! On Sunday, we had Risha and Scott on audio making it sound gooooood. And we had Austin at another location making that incredible music that you’ll get a glimpse of below.

Our Crew this year was (drum roll)……

Kelly Rozell – Director | Writer | Editor

Alex Hochstetler- Producer | Writer

Jeffrey Brant- Assistant Director | Writer

Jordan Powell- Director of Photography

Risha Chesterfield- Audio | Dialogue |Mixing

Scott Gregory- Audio | Mixing

Austin Fray- Music Composition

Spencer Holloway- Lighting | Assistant Camera | Gaffer | Writer

Derek Beistad- Behind the Scenes

Amber Powell- Behind the Scenes

And our starring roles: Cory Holland & Marissa Grinestaff

Here are some behind the scenes stills of the weekend:

IMG_5161 IMG_5166 IMG_5174 IMG_5202 IMG_5183 IMG_5191 IMG_5195 IMG_5207 IMG_5222 IMG_5209 IMG_5236 IMG_5242 IMG_5252 IMG_5248 IMG_5273 IMG_5260   IMG_5277 IMG_5281   IMG_5296 IMG_5298 IMG_5316 IMG_5321 IMG_5353

IMG_5363 IMG_5387 IMG_5402 IMG_5404


And here is a 54 second teaser trailer of “Through Thick and Thin” to whet your taste buds until the premiere March 21, 2015 at the Regal Hollywood 27 Theatre in Nashville, TN. The Murfreesboro screenings start at 2:45 PM. Award Ceremony is at 5 PM.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/121904052]


Our film “FIGHTER” will also be showing at the 54 Film Festival on the same day, showing at 12 PM. So go and check it out too!