Left Brain Tennessee Finishing Fund Grant

This past summer, I along with 10 MTSU students, embarked on a journey to the city of Paris for a documentary project. My team consisted of four powerhouse women: Samantha Hearn, Kelsey Price, myself and our artist ‘Jara Ezo’. Getting onto the plane on May 10, we had no idea what to expect of our 3 week trip and our documentary. We had barely found Jara two weeks prior. We were in on an adventure for sure!

What came of the three weeks in Paris was a little film called “FIGHTER”. The film follows the life of Jara Ezo, an afro-french singer. Going into the project, we knew little of Jara. It wasn’t until our last week of the trip that we uncovered Jara’s true motives for her dream. Being from African descent, Jara was always treated a little differently. This made pursuing her dreams a tad bit harder. Despite how society may treat her today, she continues to fight for her dream.

What we as the filmmakers took from this experience was more than ‘a great piece for our portfolio’. No.

“FIGHTER” was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What we got from it was more than a ‘finished product’. We established a friendship with a truly inspiring woman. We gained confidence in our abilities (and an ability to navigate a foreign city). We gained a perspective for other lifestyles. And we took away a passion for discovering the world. “Wanderlust” as Sam would always say. To see the trailer for the film, click here.

As we are submitting FIGHTER to festivals, I reflect on the experience and how blessed I was to be able to seek out my passion. I thank God everyday that He put me on that trip. I continue to pursue this unpredictable dream of mine. It’s taken me down roads I never thought I would travel. I don’t regret it for anything.

The reason behind posting this is for a tremendous gift that has been given to us. Deborah Gee, President of Women in Film & Television Nashville, provided us the opportunity to receive financial support for FIGHTER’s continued work. Our team received the ‘Left Brain Tennessee Finishing Fund’ December 6, 2014 for $1,000. With this wonderful gift, FIGHTER now has the support to be seen all over the United States and even across the world. We could not be more happy and excited to see where this grant will take us. Thank you all.